Support Canada’s collective #AthleteVoice


Support AthletesCAN to continue to serve our current athletes, ensuring their rights are upheld and respected in a safe and fair sport system. 

How will your donations help today’s athletes?

4 x $25     = 1 on 1 athlete rep training session or consultation (110 reps)

10x $50    = 1 leadership training webinar/team meetings (60+ webinars)

5x$100     = 1 Athletes’ Council developed or renewed (60+ ACs)

10 x $150 = 1 athlete trip to AthletesCAN Forum leadership conference (100+ athletes)

4 x $250   = 1 athlete focus group (5+ focus groups)

16 x $500 = 1 Sport Solution Program Manager (PM) supporting athletes through sport dispute resolution (4 PMs)

5 x $1000 = 1 KidsCAN School Day

We’d be grateful for your time & valuable connections as well.

We’re looking to build our capacity to make meaningful connections with the public and corporate sectors.  We believe each of you know someone who may be interested in supporting our raison d'être, the athletes. If this is the case, please contact us and let’s set up an intro!

As the first independent athlete association in the world created by athletes for athletes, we are more relevant today than ever! Check out the infographic below to see some of our proudest accomplishments on your behalf over the years.